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Mystery Awards Tab link

Two of the major mystery awards given to mystery authors will be determined at the beginning of May. Our Awards tab has been updated with the fiction book nominees in difference categories for the Edgar awards, presented by Mystery Writers of America by member authors, and the Agatha awards presented at the Malice Domestic mystery convention. The Edgars will be announced on Thursday night, May 2nd at the Edgar Gala banquet, and the Agathas will likewise be announced on Saturday night, May 4th at the Agatha Awards Banquet.

Here’s your chance to get a jump on who the winners might be. Go to the Awards tab (or click on the Mystery Awards graphic above). All the nominees listed have links to both our catalog so you can reserve the book — and to the author’s website or an author-related site, so you can learn more about the writer as well! We’ll be posting the winners on this page as well, so read quickly — and see if you can determine who will win these prestigious awards.

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